Usefulness of Enterprise Resource Planning to a Company

30 Jan

Usefulness of Enterprise Resource Planning to a Company

Enterprise Resource Planning is a system software designed to help organisations in the management of their day-to-day business activities such manufacturing, accounting project management among others. The system’s software aims at facilitating the flow of information to enhance business decision-making process.

Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning to a company

Enterprise Resource Planning promotes business information efficiency through greatly reducing data redundancy which commonly occurs in manually entered information. The system enhances business processes making it easy for the companies to collect useful data. The system also ensures maximum security of data, consistency and improves accuracy levels. Access to sensitive data can easily be restricted to specific individuals.

Integration of information is made easier with distributed data from separate databases can be merged into a single database located on a single server. Through the system, its is easy to update data concurrently. Using the ERP system, retrieving report is much easier thus enhancing company’s decision making process.

Implementation of enterprise resource planning system helps companies in providing high-quality customer services. The system improves interaction between customer service providers and the customers as a result of proper access to customer’s information and quick service provision.

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